Clean Water for Sendafa

21 Apr

The spread of disease throughout rural Africa causes so much pain and heartache.  From infections to dysentary the effects, especially on children and the elderly results in many deaths and permanent disabilities.  Here in York we don’t even think about the problem because we have the one thing that makes a significant difference, clean water.   Most of the people in Sendafa don’t have running water and their water sources are polluted and cause sickness.

ImageWe found that the medical professionals were spending time and energy treating people but the real problem was bad water.  Several years ago we dug a well that was a solution to the water problem.  It was a good well and provided an abundance of fresh water for the town.  Chlorinating the water was the next challenge which also led to the need for a tank to distribute and chlorinate the water going to the village.  This past year we finished a 220,000 liter tank to do just that.  Once the system is up and running clear, fresh, chlorinated water will be available free from disease and infection.  It is another example of Faith Promise pledges making a difference in the world.

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