Mobilizing Latino’s for Missions

25 Apr

For over 200 years Europe and the United States have been instrumental in sending missionaries to a variety of places throughout the world.  They have started missions in remote parts of the world, converted local languages into written forms for the first time and translated the Bible into those languages.  The have shared their very lives for the gospel with little or no IMG_3037recognition.

The ability of caucasions to travel to many parts of the world has diminished over the past 20 years and now it is becoming increasingly difficult to enter many countries.  At the same time there are a number of Christians in Asia, Africa as well as South and Central America who are being called to world service. Living Word is partnering with believers in Cuba, Chile and Argentina to send Latinos to work in the Muslim world.  It is an exciting effort and full of promise to fulfill the Great Commission.  Their excitement and commitment is encouraging and we are privileged to partner with them.


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