The Land of Many Religions

9 Jun

Living Word Community Church has had a warm and lasting relationship with India.  Nearly three decades ago we began to minister at an orphanage and clinic at the Bethel Bible Institute.  It was an opportunity to spend time with those who have lived a hard life with many misfortunes and difficult stories.  A number of people from Living Word have traveled to India and I hear so many great stories about those trips.  Helping those who are hungry and lonely, reaching out to those who can’t help themselves is a wonderful gift that touches both the receiver and the heart of the giver.Image

Beyond Bethel there are 138 million Muslims in India.  That’s a lot of people.  It is also a group that many find hard to reach out to because of all the news of violence and pain.  Living Word is supporting a number of people who have dedicated their lives to reaching out to this people group.  We have helped start a Muslim Training Center in the heart of India which is a new and growing ministry.  So when you support Faith Promise you are being a part of the global effort to reach the kingdom of God in some of the hardest to reach areas.  Thanks for your support.

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