Journey on a Guatemala Medical Team

29 Oct

Guatemala Oct 2014 107Earlier this month I traveled on a team to the small rural village of Santa Maria Ixhuatan in the Santa Rosa zone of Guatemala.   It was the latest of quarterly trips we take, bringing doctors and assistants to provide medical assistance where there are few if any medical help.  That explanation tells you what we did but it falls short of describing the impact that we had on them and they had on us. 

The population is about 500 that many again living outside the village. Most of them don’t have cars so they have to walk to the clinic sometimes taking 1-2 hours, children in tow, carrying their provisions for the day.  The average income in Santa Maria Ixhuatan is $6-7 per day.  The primary employment is based on the coffee crop which has languished after years of the Roya virus attacking the coffee plants.  As a result 30-40% of the town had to move to bigger cities like Guatemala Citywhere there is work.  The unemployment rate is clost to 30%.  It is a poor village Guatemala Oct 2014 147with limited resources.

We have two days of clinics where we minister to as many as we can.   The first day we have a few doctors from the host church, Fraternidad Cristiana de Guatemala, and the doctors we bring on our team.  The second day more Guatemalan doctors join us to provide a much larger clinic.   It is a partnership that has been going for almost 10 years.  This year we saw over 700 patients in 2 days.  It was encouraging to see how we can make a difference in the lives of both the people of Guatemala and the team.  I will be following up with addition blogs sharing some stories about the people we touched.


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