Los Colaboradores, “the helpers’

13 Nov

Conducting a medical clinic in a remote village can be Guatemala Oct 2014 090logistically challenging.  There is the organizing and setup of the clinic, the meals for the workers, moving all of the items including clothes, food and medicines, and just moving people through the clinic.

As the clinic is organized Frater church works with the local churches to get local people to help direct the clients from one part of the clinic to another.   They make sure that they are not feeling lost or wandering when they can’t find the right place to be.

Guatemala Oct 2014 149The Frater team trains them on how to be good hosts and to make the people feel comfortable.  We also minister to their needs so it was not uncommon to see a man or woman with the ‘Colobadores’ name tag on being treated in the clinic. One woman who was a ‘Colaboradora’ had a medical problem while she was being treated in the dental clinic.  It was properly diagnosed and she was fine but she feared that she would not be allowed back the next day because of it.  We assured her that she was welcome to come back and help.  I believe that these partners feel very connected and important as they help with this effort.

Security is another important part of the ministry. Frater is concerned about all of our safety so they hire a security team to be with us, not only to help us but also to protect us.  We take our health and safety seriously on these trips and do our best to prepare and protect the team while we minister.  Another thing to be thankful for as I reflect back on this trip.


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