A Deep Sense of Loss

17 Nov

It’s the people who make the short term trips to Guatemala and places like it so special and touching.  This trip to Santa Maria de Ixhuatan was no exception.   As I was observing the vision clinic on Saturday afternoon my attention was drawn to a middle aged woman who seemed uncharacteristically sad.  One of our team members asked me to come over to minister to her.

Our Frater partner had been talking with her and found out her story and why she was so melancholy.  Her name was Inez de Jesus.  Her husband was a pastor of a local church.  He had been a good husband and father, a good pastor and had Guatemala Oct 2014 prayerministered to many in the small community.  Two years ago he had been kidnapped by terrorists, taken away from his wife and children.  The criminals had demanded a ransom for his return.   Because this is a very small village and as a pastor she was not able to come up with the ransom reward.  Shortly after that they found him murdered, his life cut short.

Inez has been devastated since then and having a very difficult time moving past the loss of her friend, lover, husband, father of her children and pastor.  The grief was visible in her eyes.  There are no easy answers for her.  No simple solutions that would ease the pain.  What I was able to offer her was prayer which started then and has continued.  It has brought me back to the deep pain that many Guatemalans have experienced, how God meets them in the midst of their pain and provides for them and how he wants to do that for us as well.

The one thing that we could offer her was a new pair of glasses that allowed her to read her bible again.  It brought a smile to her face.  God spoke to my heart deeply.  Moving in me through the grief and empathy of a dear sister from another culture who shared some of her pain with these Americans who came to serve.


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