The Importance of Faith Promise

29 Mar

Each year this time we celebrate what God is doing throughout the world in Global Ministry.  We hear stories of people coming to know the Lord, churches starting and growing, people receiving treatment for deadly illnesses, bibles being distributed and so many more exciting things.   One of the best parts of Global Ministry is being able to participate in a variety of ways.   One of the ways that almost everyone can participate is through what we call Faith Promise.   Faith Promise starts off with a conversation with God, asking Him what can you trust Him for to give to our missions effort.  When I determine what He wants me to do I make a pledge for that amount.   Trusting that God will somehow, maybe even miraculously provide the funds for my pledge, sometime this year.  I don’t know how or when just that He is going to supply.

my-faith-promiseThen it is a matter of paying attention to those little extra amounts of cash that I wasn’t counting on.  It could be a tax refund, a rebate of some kind, an unexpected gift, or the sale of something that I wasn’t using anymore.  All to go to God’s kingdom work.  I love hearing stories about how money comes from unexpected places, at unexpected times and yet it added up to the amount that God had suggested I pledge.  It wasn’t so much them figuring out how to come up with the money but more paying attention to how God provides it.  If you have a story about how God provided for your faith promise pledge I would love to hear about it.


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