Cross Cultural Experiences (aka short term trips)

9 Jun

We often talk about short term missions trips as we refer to going abroad with the church.  It is often a very moving time of seeing the world from a very different perspective, encountering new languages, foods, climates, neighborhoods, and many new people.  It is a time of reflection, sometimes it’s uncomfortable and can often be life changing.  That’s why we take these trips.   It helps us instill a passion for others, those who need the hope that Jesus provides.  The trips also help us to realize how our lives are often empty in the midst of all the stuff that we have.  ‘Less is more’  is the takeaway that so many have upon returning home and walking into a house full of ‘stuff’.short term trips

Most missions agencies consider a ‘short term mission trip’ anywhere from one to two years.   It’s short term because it isn’t committing to a career as a missionary but it does allow for acquiring a new language, understanding the culture at a deeper level, getting used to the food, customs, and ways of life in a new country.   So while our trips don’t really fit into the traditional ‘short term mission’ definition they definitely fit into a ‘cross cultural experience’ and I hope at some point there will be some who will desire to go on an authentic ‘short term trip’.


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