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Exploring the World of Global Ministry

1 Mar

Every year at this time Living Word has our Global Missions Focus.   It is a wonderful time of sharing the work of God throughout the world.   Having missionaries come and share their personal stories in our Global Cafe is one of the highlights for me every year.   One of the major reasons for this focus is to bring attention to our Faith Promise program.

Our Global Ministry has been funded by the Faith Promise process for decades.   The funds that people give toward global missions is dedicated specifically to our international efforts.  Faith Promise is beyond our tithes and is closer to an offering, seeking God for what you should pledge for this year and then having faith that God will provide, sometimes in mysterious ways.

Our speakers this year are Greg Hortman on February 28th, Pastor Ramon Vielza on March 6th and Todd Ahrend on March 13th.   You won’t want to miss any of these speakers.

Why Go on a Short Term Mission Trip?

3 Sep

DSCN3671Traveling to other parts of the world can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience or it can be an exciting, invigorating, and broadening one.  It all depends on your frame of mind.  Do you see the world as a place of danger, strange cultures and people who are not like you, or do you see the world as a place of interesting stories, backgrounds, foods, sights, smells and experiences?  How you see the world will impact the way you see short term missions.

While our hope is to touch and change the lives of those we minister to there is another, maybe even more important, aspect to these trips.  How these trips touch and change our lives.  My earnest hope is that those who step up to join a short term trip will see their world a little differently than they did before.   Will this experience show them a new and different side of life that may be foreign, uncomfortable and even scary?  Are they able to look at the way they are living their lives compared to the simple and maybe less complicated lives of those we serve?

There are so many good lessons to be learned.  That is my hope and prayer for these trips.   May you consider joining us and see how  you too might be changed in the process.


Guatemala Construction Video

23 Jun

For the past 8 years Living Word has been sending a missions team to Guatemala to help build churches in the north. It has been an amazing opportunity to touch a group of people who have been through some very hard years. Being able to share the gospel has been powerful and the work and word of Christ has gone out richly.

Short Term Mission Trips: Medical

23 Jun

IMG_9788Reaching out and touching other cultures is not always easy.  Strolling into a village with no specific purpose or direction raises questions and suspicions.  Being able to offer the local population something tangible, something that they don’t have and yet need is a great way to enter into the lives of those who have the least resources.  Living Word’s medical missions trips do just that.  We gather a group of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals along with other ministry partners in order to touch them with medical expertise, advise, prescriptions and treatments that aren’t available to them in their village.

Hundreds of people come to these clinics for medical help of all kinds.  We partner with local churches like Fraternidad de Guatemala City Church in Guatemala and the Project Adopt A Village team in Ethiopia to provide care.  The clinics see hundreds of patients each day.  Along with the physical medical care there is also an opportunity to minister to their souls through sharing and praying with them.  It is a rich experience for both the givers and receivers.   If you are looking for a life changing experience, one of our short term medical trips might be a good thing to explore.

Church Growth in Central Caribbean

7 May

Throughout history there have been times when the church grows quickly.  The First Great Awakening in the American colonies, The The Azusa Street Revival in 1906, The Jesus Movement on the 1970’s were all times of great conversions to follow Jesus.  A similar thing is happening on the island known for cigars in the past 5 years.   There is a great movement of Christ followers who are venturing out to new communities and starting bible studies which turn into cell groups, which become churches.  There is a spiritual hunger there and people are responding to the gospel of grace.  Nearly 150 churches have grown out of this humble movement of God’s people responding to the Holy Spirit.

There is a humble dependence on God to provide for their needs throughout this church.  The hope of the gospel transcends the oppression and scarcity found in their world.  It is a blessing to be part of this revival.  As Living Word reaches out to help with resources the brothers and sisters there are giving their time and energy to share the ‘good news’ to their friends and family.

Mobilizing Latino’s for Missions

25 Apr

For over 200 years Europe and the United States have been instrumental in sending missionaries to a variety of places throughout the world.  They have started missions in remote parts of the world, converted local languages into written forms for the first time and translated the Bible into those languages.  The have shared their very lives for the gospel with little or no IMG_3037recognition.

The ability of caucasions to travel to many parts of the world has diminished over the past 20 years and now it is becoming increasingly difficult to enter many countries.  At the same time there are a number of Christians in Asia, Africa as well as South and Central America who are being called to world service. Living Word is partnering with believers in Cuba, Chile and Argentina to send Latinos to work in the Muslim world.  It is an exciting effort and full of promise to fulfill the Great Commission.  Their excitement and commitment is encouraging and we are privileged to partner with them.

Clean Water for Sendafa

21 Apr

The spread of disease throughout rural Africa causes so much pain and heartache.  From infections to dysentary the effects, especially on children and the elderly results in many deaths and permanent disabilities.  Here in York we don’t even think about the problem because we have the one thing that makes a significant difference, clean water.   Most of the people in Sendafa don’t have running water and their water sources are polluted and cause sickness.

ImageWe found that the medical professionals were spending time and energy treating people but the real problem was bad water.  Several years ago we dug a well that was a solution to the water problem.  It was a good well and provided an abundance of fresh water for the town.  Chlorinating the water was the next challenge which also led to the need for a tank to distribute and chlorinate the water going to the village.  This past year we finished a 220,000 liter tank to do just that.  Once the system is up and running clear, fresh, chlorinated water will be available free from disease and infection.  It is another example of Faith Promise pledges making a difference in the world.

Global Ministry Focus Messages

2 Apr

cdsThis year’s Global Ministry Focus has been a time of expanding our understanding of what God is doing throughout the world, teaching us about how to love those who are different than we are and challenging us to step up our prayers and engagement in sharing the gospel with the world around us. Each week we have had the chance to see a different aspect of missions in different parts of the world.

A number of people have asked about being able to hear or see the sermons after Sunday. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter and the easy access to internet from around the world we have not been putting the messages on our website to review in the archive section. Each one of the messages IS available in the lobby recorded on CD’s. You can pick one up the next time you are in the lobby for $3 per CD. If you missed one of the messages I encourage you to listen to it.


Ministering in Nebaj, Guatemala

12 Mar

For the past 9 years Living Word has partnered with our missionaries Mike and Terri McComb in Nebaj.  It has been a wonderful connection with a family who have served the Ixil people for over 25 years.  We had a team of 24 people of all ages and life experiences who traveled there the end of February.  Over the 6 days we were in Nebaj we completed 8 church related construction projects from setting columns, pouring foundations and floors to installing new metal roofs.  It is strenous work in some of the most beautiful Central American landscapes I have seen.

One of our travelers Megan McDermott put together a video of our trip.  Enjoy the perspective of a godly young woman who was seeing God at every turn

Global Ministry Blog

6 Mar


Taking the love of Jesus to the world is the purpose of the Global Ministry at Living Word. For over 25 years we have supported people who have gone to the field, sent short term teams to minister to others, provided the resources to complete many worthwhile projects and encouraged those who are led by God to go.  In addition to the new website and blog we also have a new logo highlighting the world we serve.

At Living Word we have established our priorities around:

  1. God’s Plan
  2. People
  3. Programs
  4. Property/Projects

This blog will be focusing on the same priorities as they relate to Global Ministry.  There will be posts related to where and how God’s Plan is working around the world.  We will highlight some of the People who we partner with in various locations, The Programs that we support will be introduced and frequently updated.  It will discuss the various Projects that have participated in that have transformed and blessed many.

I invite you to join us on this journey of Global Ministry at Living Word Community Church.  It is an exciting and fulfilling expedition that I know you will enjoy.

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