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The Clowns from Frater

16 Nov

2014-10-18 01.14.31When we hold a medical clinic in rural Guatemala there are always LOTS of kids that come with their parents for treatment.  The family walks to the clinic from their homes which might take an hour or so.  The church or school where the clinic is held has some room but when you get a lot of kids in a small area it can be very active and busy.  Having something for the kids to do is an important aspect of the trip.

2014-10-18 01.14.41Fraternidad Christiana de Guatemala Church, from Guatemala City has a dedicated group of young people who provide the entertainment for the families who come to the clinic.   Kids gravitate to fun and games.  There were over 100 kids joining in the activities.  The team from Frater led a variety of games, dressed up and acted like clowns and put on a drama with a spiritual message.  The sounds of laughter could be heard throughout the school and the joy on their faces reflected the impact they are experiencing.  The best part of the clowns is that it shows there are many ways to minister in these clinics.  They were truly ‘gifted’ in what they did

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