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Why Go on a Short Term Mission Trip?

3 Sep

DSCN3671Traveling to other parts of the world can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience or it can be an exciting, invigorating, and broadening one.  It all depends on your frame of mind.  Do you see the world as a place of danger, strange cultures and people who are not like you, or do you see the world as a place of interesting stories, backgrounds, foods, sights, smells and experiences?  How you see the world will impact the way you see short term missions.

While our hope is to touch and change the lives of those we minister to there is another, maybe even more important, aspect to these trips.  How these trips touch and change our lives.  My earnest hope is that those who step up to join a short term trip will see their world a little differently than they did before.   Will this experience show them a new and different side of life that may be foreign, uncomfortable and even scary?  Are they able to look at the way they are living their lives compared to the simple and maybe less complicated lives of those we serve?

There are so many good lessons to be learned.  That is my hope and prayer for these trips.   May you consider joining us and see how  you too might be changed in the process.

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