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School Supplies for Thailand

19 Aug

1 Hortmans packing bagsAs part of our Global Ministry Focus in March the Kid:Life area of Living Word collected a number of supplies for the kids near Chiang Rai, Thailand.   Our missionaries there produced a video that showed some of the kids and how they box the supplies up for delivery.  The response from our kids was great.  We collected over 1,000 pencils, 275 erasers, 100 matchbox cars, lots of costume jewelry and 100 9 holding the gift boxesstuffed animals.   We packaged them up into boxes and sent them on to Southeast Asia.

The boxes are used as an outreach to the rural villages as a way to introduce the evangelists and missionaries.  This gives them the opportunity to reach out and minister to a village with the hope of Jesus.  It is just one of many opportunities to share the gospel.  These pictures give a sense of what it was like to distribute the boxes to the kids.  It was a great event and a wonderful ‘across the ocean’ partnership.  Thanks to Kids:LIfe for making this a reality.

11 kids opening bags

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