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The Soul Cafe

6 Nov

When we go to Guatemala on the medical mission trips we treat many patients who have a variety of health needs. However, that is not the primary reason for the trip.  This is an evangelistic ministry that  shares not only the love of Jesus through medicine but it also shares the good news of the gospel.  Each person who comes to the clinic spends time with a counselor from Frater Church who ministers to their spiritual needs before we minister to their physical needs.

Guatemala Oct 14 trip 080I was able to spend time in the Soul Clinic.  It was a beautiful experience to see the love and compassion that was being shared one on one, person to person.  Even though my Spanish is inadequate to understand all that was being said I could tell by the facial expressions, the tears and the grateful smiles, that God was at work in the hearts of the people who came through this sacred space.

Before we left for the trip I was able to order 150 Spanish New Testaments.  Little did I Guatemala Oct 2014 147know the impact that they would have as they were given as gifts of the Good News.   Having their own personal copy of the Bible was a great gift to provide and gave them the Word of God.

There were 652 people who came through the Soul Clinic.   We are grateful to God for the work that He did in the midst of our time in Santa Maria de Ixhuatan.

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