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Unsung Hero’s

22 Nov

The purpose of the short term trips to Guatemala are often medical in nature.  We are primarily looking for medical professionals to join us to minister to those in need in the rural areas of the country.  That usually makes up about one third of the people who travel.  The rest of the team are people young and old who want to experience a new culture, give up some of themselves and to serve others.  Even though they aren’t the focus of the trip they ARE critical to the trip.  TheyGuatemala Oct 2014 136 assist the medical team members with translation services, supporting in a variety of ways, moving equipment, registering patients and making sure that things are running smoothly.

The team leaders from both Living Word and from Frater Church make all the difference.  They are the ones who keep the clinic focused on ministering to needs rather than what could often by called chaos. They routinely check on each of the clinics making sure they have what they need, are getting enough breaks, and able to minister to the patients.  They are “Unsung Hero’s” 

These leaders are ‘unsung‘ because they are not the ones who get recognition for all the patients they saw, the teeth they pulled, or the surgery that they did.  If it wasn’t for them the skilled care workers would have to take time away from their practice of seeing patients.

Their leadership went beyond the clinic.  On the way back we stopped for a restroom break and there was a lady who was IMG_0992begging.  She was an older woman there by herself, hungry and without shoes.  Easy enough to ignore or just not acknowledge.   One of our ‘Unsung Hero’s‘ did notice her.  She went back to the bus and found a pair of flip flops and some food to give to the woman.  She kneeling down and put the flip flops on the woman’s feet.  It was a very touching and humbling scene.  I wish I had noticed her, I wish I had reached out and met her needs.  I think that’s what Jesus would have done in the same circumstance.

Following God’s call to short term missions

26 Mar

In July 2014 Living Word sent a team of people on a medical mission to Sendafa, Ethiopia.  Being able to provide for the medical needs of the people of Sendafa is one of the main purposes of the summer trip.  The team was able to care for over 2,000 patients including almost 50 cataract surgeries.  Having an impact on the physical needs of the people of Sendafa opens the doors for meeting their spiritual needs.

It is not uncommon for people to sign-up for these trips not quite sure how God is going to use them and what skills they bring to the team.  This trip was no exception to that.  Greg Leiberknecht had not been on a trip like this before and was questioning what he had to offer.  He was obedient and followed God’s leading and that’s when God showed up in a marvelous way.  This past Sunday we showed the video story of that trip. God used a couple of ‘non-medical’ guys to fix a problem that would have stopped the team from caring for hundreds of patients.   Dr. Ed Nelson helps Greg tell the story of how it happened.

Equipment Miracle Repair – Sendafa Story from Living Word Community Church on Vimeo.

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