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Sharing the Love of Jesus in Ethiopia

8 Oct

Each year about this time, a small group of women travel to Ethiopia to share the love of Jesus, touching the lives of HIV/AIDS patients in a small rural village outside of Addis Ababa.  They work together as a team to raise the money to pay for the trip and there is a sweet andSendafa Jan 2014 221 beautiful fellowship that grows through that time.    As they arrive they connect with our Ethiopian team who introduces them to single moms, orphans, and others who are suffering from hunger, neglect and extremely poor living conditions.   One by one they reach out and minister to these dear people to express gentle kindness and to pray for them.   They also help distribute vitamins to the children, encourage families and distribute needed shoes and clothes.

There are so many opportunities to share Jesus’ love and to be a practical, real representation of Jesus in these homes. We at Living Word are truly ‘blessed to be a blessing’ and the six women who are there right now are doing just that.

One Person’s Reflections on Sendafa

17 Mar

In the middle of January I had a great adventure joining the team on a journey to Sendafa.  There were eleven of us who got on the plane at Dulles International Airport heading for Addis Ababa.  I knew a few of my fellow travelers but most of them were new friends that had chosen the same adventure I had.  After almost 24 hours of travel we landed at the Bole International Airport ready to experience a new culture.

The wonders of Ethiopia were evident in the sights, sounds and smells.  We all were touched by the incredible poverty of Sendafa and yet equally touched by the gentle spirit of the people.  We had the opportunity to love them, help them with small acts of kindness and to see the amazing work of the Project Adopt A Village (PAAV) team.  One of our team members captured it well with a video that we shared in church yesterday.  I have attached it for you to catch a glimpse of what it was like.  I hope you enjoy it.

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