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Global Ministry Blog

6 Mar


Taking the love of Jesus to the world is the purpose of the Global Ministry at Living Word. For over 25 years we have supported people who have gone to the field, sent short term teams to minister to others, provided the resources to complete many worthwhile projects and encouraged those who are led by God to go.  In addition to the new website and blog we also have a new logo highlighting the world we serve.

At Living Word we have established our priorities around:

  1. God’s Plan
  2. People
  3. Programs
  4. Property/Projects

This blog will be focusing on the same priorities as they relate to Global Ministry.  There will be posts related to where and how God’s Plan is working around the world.  We will highlight some of the People who we partner with in various locations, The Programs that we support will be introduced and frequently updated.  It will discuss the various Projects that have participated in that have transformed and blessed many.

I invite you to join us on this journey of Global Ministry at Living Word Community Church.  It is an exciting and fulfilling expedition that I know you will enjoy.

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