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Church Growth in Central Caribbean

7 May

Throughout history there have been times when the church grows quickly.  The First Great Awakening in the American colonies, The The Azusa Street Revival in 1906, The Jesus Movement on the 1970’s were all times of great conversions to follow Jesus.  A similar thing is happening on the island known for cigars in the past 5 years.   There is a great movement of Christ followers who are venturing out to new communities and starting bible studies which turn into cell groups, which become churches.  There is a spiritual hunger there and people are responding to the gospel of grace.  Nearly 150 churches have grown out of this humble movement of God’s people responding to the Holy Spirit.

There is a humble dependence on God to provide for their needs throughout this church.  The hope of the gospel transcends the oppression and scarcity found in their world.  It is a blessing to be part of this revival.  As Living Word reaches out to help with resources the brothers and sisters there are giving their time and energy to share the ‘good news’ to their friends and family.

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