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Building Churches in Guatemala

19 Mar

Traveling to Northern Guatemala on a short term mission trip can be a life changing experience.  In February we had another opportunity to not only work to with Mike McComb and the Ixil people but to see God work in our hearts as well.   It was good to work together building God’s kingdom.

One of our team members captured the essence of this trip on a short video.  I hope you enjoy seeing the journey.

Sharing the Love of Jesus in Ethiopia

8 Oct

Each year about this time, a small group of women travel to Ethiopia to share the love of Jesus, touching the lives of HIV/AIDS patients in a small rural village outside of Addis Ababa.  They work together as a team to raise the money to pay for the trip and there is a sweet andSendafa Jan 2014 221 beautiful fellowship that grows through that time.    As they arrive they connect with our Ethiopian team who introduces them to single moms, orphans, and others who are suffering from hunger, neglect and extremely poor living conditions.   One by one they reach out and minister to these dear people to express gentle kindness and to pray for them.   They also help distribute vitamins to the children, encourage families and distribute needed shoes and clothes.

There are so many opportunities to share Jesus’ love and to be a practical, real representation of Jesus in these homes. We at Living Word are truly ‘blessed to be a blessing’ and the six women who are there right now are doing just that.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

10 Sep

A few years ago there was a game show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy called “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”  I am always up for a challenge like that and so I would try to answer the questions.  Now it’s been a long time since I was a 5th grader…way too long.  I don’t remember learning about the stuff they suggest a 5th grader should know.  Even some of the 1st and 2nd grade questions are pretty challenging for an old guy like me.   5th grader

One of the general categories is “Geography“.  I like geography and generally do pretty well except when it comes to some of the continents far away, like Africa.   I am finding out I am not alone.   We send teams to minister in Ethiopia three times a year from Living Word.  Ethiopia is definitely in Africa. I knew that, but where in Africa?  Surprisingly, the continent of Africa is big it is 3 times larger than the United States.

Africa mapBut isn’t the Ebola outbreak in Africa?  This medical crisis leads people to be cautious about sending people to Africa. So where is this outbreak?  The Ebola crisis is on the western side of the continent, in Sierra Leon, Liberia, Senegal and other surrounding countries.

While it is a significant crisis and something to be concerned about, it is occuring far  from Ethiopia (about the same distance as we are from Seattle, Washington).  Ethiopia is actually located on the eastern side of Africa. There are 8 countries between the center of the crisis and where we minister.  So even though I may not be smarter than a 5th grader, a look at the map of Africa sure helps me understand the situation better.

We monitor the conditions on the ground with each place we go.  While there is always some risk everywhere we travel, even here in the states, we don’t knowingly put our people in harms way.

Why Go on a Short Term Mission Trip?

3 Sep

DSCN3671Traveling to other parts of the world can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience or it can be an exciting, invigorating, and broadening one.  It all depends on your frame of mind.  Do you see the world as a place of danger, strange cultures and people who are not like you, or do you see the world as a place of interesting stories, backgrounds, foods, sights, smells and experiences?  How you see the world will impact the way you see short term missions.

While our hope is to touch and change the lives of those we minister to there is another, maybe even more important, aspect to these trips.  How these trips touch and change our lives.  My earnest hope is that those who step up to join a short term trip will see their world a little differently than they did before.   Will this experience show them a new and different side of life that may be foreign, uncomfortable and even scary?  Are they able to look at the way they are living their lives compared to the simple and maybe less complicated lives of those we serve?

There are so many good lessons to be learned.  That is my hope and prayer for these trips.   May you consider joining us and see how  you too might be changed in the process.

Reaching Out in Joyas de San Nicholas

13 Aug

Aug 2014 Guatemala 3It’s amazing to see God work in the midst of a rural village in Guatemala. Our medical team of 23 returned to York early Tuesday morning from a mission to this small village. In the course of 2 days they were able to see over 700 patients. The team did 19 surgeries, extracted 162 teeth and delivered more than 10 tons of food to the village. Reaching out ‘one on one’ the team took with them hundreds of small stuffed animals, shoes and clothes to distribute to those who attended the clinie. They also provided spiritual healing in the Soul Cafe where 263 souls crossed the line of faith. We are truly blessed to be a blessing.

Each of trip has a personal touch as well. They stay in the homes of members of Frater Church. That experience brings aAug 2014 Guatemala 2
much closer relationship with the people of Guatemala. When you stay in someones home you have the chance to interact and learn more about different cultures, lifestyles and personalities. Many great relationships were built this week.

Thanks to all who went on the trip as well as those back home who, prayed and financially supported those who traveled. God is so good.

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