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Giving the Gift of Sight

19 Nov

Guatemala Oct 2014 157The vision clinic that we operate on the medical trips to Guatemala are not fancy.  We often don’t have a Optician, Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist. We don’t have any fancy equipment, as a matter of fact we use some pretty primitive and rugged tools to help people see.   In other words, we rely on God to match anteojos (eyeglasses) with the needs of the patients.  It is amazing to see what a little ingenuity can do along with a healthy dose of prayer.

The Guatemalans often cook on open wood flames in their homes.  As a result the smoke and soot is Guatemala Oct 2014 119very thick.  In addition the rays of the sun do much damage to their ability to see so the older they get the harder it is for them to see.  Although we can’t provide anything in the way of surgery or treatments we can provide them with glasses that help them see.   We have had a large number of glasses donated so that we can take them with us.  We do the best we can to provide the right power of glasses and it is amazing how many of them improve their sight.

This year we gave out over 160 pairs of glasses in the two days.   One of the best parts of the vision clinic was the fact that a couple of our high school students from Living Word we able to run their own line of patients which made a big difference.  Thanks to Danielle and Anthony for their courage to step out.

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